Rippingale Village

A rural village where the farms outnumber the shop, 2 churches, small post office and the essential pub.

Most of this website has been closed down or dormant for some time now. Too many other commitments on my time and too many miles between me and Rippingale. I've left the photos up for nostalgia's sake! Rippingale Village now has a great website run by people that actually live locally! You can check it out here:

Visit the Rippingale Village Web Site here


A Village in Pictures

These thumbnail images lead to larger photos of rippingale and the surrounding area.
The number in brackets indicates the number of photos.

[Church] The Rippingale Church.(4)
St Andrews.
[Pub] "The Bull"(4)
Rippingale's pub.

[Tree] Weeping Ash.(2)
Fraxinus excelsior 'Pendula' (Weeping Ash) growing in the Rippingale church yard.
[School] The School.(1)

[Sir Guy] Sir Guy and Sir Goband(3) [shop] The Shop.(1)

[The Fen] Rippingale Fen. (3)
The flat fen land streches about 5 miles from Rippingale to the "Forty Foot Dyke".
[Station] Rippingale Station.(2)
Long closed Rippingale Station is now a private house.

[161 & the Willow] The Willow & 161. (2)

[Bulby Brook] Bulby Brook. (1)
The East Glen River.
[Bowthorpe Oak] The Bowthorpe Oak.(4)

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